We provide the following products to harden the schools and make them more

Ballistic Panels for Classroom Doors -
When a SHOOTER enters a school and a lock down occurs, we must be able to harden the classrooms, so the children inside remain safe and secure. Our ballistic panels for classroom doors equipped with electronic door locks are designed to keep the shooter out until law enforcement arrives on the scene. This ballistic panel is bolted to the inside of an existing classroom door and the door window is also coated with ballistic material. The panel is finished to look like the door it is affixed to. This will stop most handgun ammunition and it is NIJ rated.

Electronic Door Locks -  An automatic locking system for classroom doors that can be activated immediately to lock down all classroom doors and keep the shooter out.

Ballistic Film for windows - This is designed to keep the shooter from breaking out the classroom windows to gain access through a window.

Ballistic Vests - For school security personnel.

We also sell and install Closed Circuit TV Systems, Access Control Systems and
Electronic Security Systems for schools.

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